Regina Merine, PharmD

  • Graduate Student Ambassador
  • Degree sought: M.S., Health Informatics


remerineiu [dot] edu



Doctor of Pharmacy, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences


Hometown: Kerala, India 

About: I’m a Doctor of Pharmacy graduate from India, currently pursuing my master’s in Health Informatics at SoIC. Lately, the application of information technology in the health care field has been fascinating to me. It is substantial to convert astronomically large amounts of health care data produced each day into useful and meaningful information to achieve improved health care outcomes.

As a future health informaticist with extensive clinical knowledge, my goal is to create a significant impact on the health care field to improve the overall quality of people’s lives.

I chose IUPUI because this is the best place to harness all the skills and abilities required for an individual to be an expert in this field. IUPUI provides vast opportunities and exposures that would help an individual to reach their goal.

Apart from academics, I love exploring and doing adventurous activities.

Advice for new students:  Never let go of the opportunities you get, thinking you don’t know about it. Hold onto it, make the best use of it, and this is how we learn new things.