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Informatics shapes the way we use technology and computing to improve how we work, live, and play—expanding the potential of business, art, health care, law, environmental sustainability, smart cities, and everything you can imagine.

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John Hochstetler, MLS, Indiana's Hamilton Southeast District Teacher of the Year, with Sand Creek Intermediate students in school media center

LIS alumnus empowers organizations, teachers, and students with technology

The job of today’s teacher librarian is multifaceted, explains John Hochstetler, M.L.S., a Library and Information Science (LIS) alumnus and Indiana’s Hamilton Southeast District 2018 Teacher of the Year. He says the main goal of teacher librarians is to empower others with new knowledge, whether through literature, online resources, or through experiences​, and one way he does that is by staying up-to-date with new technology.

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