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Priya Geetha, M.S.

  • Human-Computer Interaction M.S.


gepadmaiu [dot] edu


Hometown: Andhra Pradesh, India

Undergraduate  degree: Software Engineering B.S.  &  M.S.(integrated  curriculum  UG+PG), Vellore Institute of Technology

About: I am currently pursuing my master’s in Human-Computer Interaction. In the past, I was a UI developer. During  my  course  of  work,  I  worked  on  various  technologies  to  build  health care  and  financial  user interfaces. In the long run, I developed a deep interest in client-facing roles and socio-psychological aspects of the products that I encountered.

I chose to pursue a master’s in HCI to develop skills that are on par with professionals. My future aspirations as a UX/product designer is to design smarter solutions that bring novel changes to society. Apart from academics, I love traveling and doing adventure activities. I fight for causes, including health care, awareness, education, and often engage myself by volunteering in a community that supports these causes.

Advice for new students: Engineering your passion needs time and effort. Hunt for the right tools, resources, and mentors. Finally, never give up.