Jennifer Blohm

  • Undergraduate Student Ambassador
  • Major: Media Arts and Science


Hometown: Auburn, Indiana 

High School: DeKalb High School

Career goal: Post-production editor or camera operator

About: I am a junior in the Media Arts and Science program with a focus is in Video & Audio Production. I also am pursuing a Certificate in Legal Informatics. 

Although I was born in Noblesville, I grew up in a town called Auburn in northern Indiana. After graduating high school, I originally attended Herron School of Art & Design, but transferred to SoIC after my first semester and have been here ever since! In addition to being an Ambassador for SoIC, I am a tutor for video students, a member of the Honors College, and a Student Development Assistant for the School of Engineering & Technology.  

I chose to be a student ambassador because I want to help other prospective students find their place at SoIC. The transition between high school and college is a huge, scary, momentous occasion that can sometimes leave students feeling unsure or full of questions. I want to help those students because I was in their shoes once. I want to foster a positive experience and environment for students eager to start the next chapter of their academic careers at IUPUI.