Em Barry

  • Undergraduate Student Ambassador
  • Major: Media Arts and Science


Hometown: Carmel

High school: St. Theodore Guerin

Career goal: 3D Sculptor and Animator

About: I am a junior majoring in Media Arts and Science specializing in 3D and Game Design. Since middle school, I’ve had an interest and passion in video game design and it became my goal to pursue it as a career.

Moving from Georgia back to my home state of Indiana my senior year had me worried about my college choices. It was difficult finding the right school and program for me, but as soon as I took a tour at SoIC I knew this was the place for me. Both the professors and ambassadors were kind, helpful, and open and made SoIC the perfect choice for me. Media Arts and Science provides an array of classes and opportunities that provide each student their own personal experience.

As for my future plans and careers, I want to keep myself open to all opportunities, whether that be in the game/film industry or somewhere in the VR/AR industry.