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Christopher Jackson

  • Undergraduate Student Ambassador
  • Major: Media Arts and Science


Hometown: Hope, Indiana

High school: Columbus East High School

Career goal: UI/UX designer

About: I’m currently a junior at IUPUI in the Media Arts & Science program. I will begin my accelerated M.S. program in Human-Computer Interactions this fall in conjunction with my senior year, and I am super excited to start a career in emerging technologies.

I’m an Indy native by birth but I was raised in a small town called Hope, Indiana, to the south. While at SOIC, I have learned so much and gotten involved all over campus. In addition to serving as a student ambassador, I have also been involved with OTEAM orientation services, and I currently hold active memberships in the Honors College and the ALD/PES National Honors Societies.

Last summer I was able to travel abroad to Greece and get a ton of valuable experience in videography and design. I chose to be a student ambassador because I am very passionate about the home that I have found in the School of Informatics and Computing, and I am eager to help others find their home too!