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Chris Harbin, B.S.

  • Media Arts and Science M.S.


harbinciu [dot] edu


Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Undergraduate degree: Media Arts and Science B.S., IUPUI; Visual Communication A.A.S., Ivy Tech

About: I am originally from a city that had no game design schools in the area, so I began to take classes that were as close as possible to what I wanted and wound up with a graphic design skill set from Ivy Tech Northeast while earning my degree in visual communication. I then transferred to IUPUI to finish my bachelor’s degree in media arts and science (MAS) with a focus in game design and development. After I graduated, I worked as a graphic designer at Gannett for a couple years before deciding to come back to IUPUI to pursue my passion for game design. With the skills I have as a graphic designer and my education in game design, UI/UX design has come easily. I plan to apply that skill set to the game industry and I am very interested to explore UI/UX for AR/VR games.

Advice for new students: Jump in head first into new opportunities and be proactive. There are a lot of opportunities available to students, however you must actively go for them. You can’t be passive and expect opportunities to fall in your lap. There are resources here to assist you in achieving your goals, and the staff and fellow students are always available to help round out any skills you may not have at the time. Be fearless and recklessly ambitious in the pursuit of your passions.