Bryce Koehl

Bryce Koehl
  • Media Arts and Science with a focus in Video and Sound Production, Digital Storytelling and Web Development; minor in business.
  • Avon, Indiana (Avon High School)


Career goal?

Directing and producing movies and TV shows.

What does mentoring mean to you?

I love being able to support and inspire my peers to be the best versions of themselves. Sometimes it can hard adjusting back into school, so it’s nice to know you’ve got somebody on your support—a fellow student who has been, and is, where you are now.

Best resource on campus?

Office hours! If you are struggling with anything, talk to your professors, talk to your advisors, or talk to a mentor. I know it may seem like some of them are out to get you but we are all here to watch you grow into an amazing individual and succeed.


  • Music:  Jeremy Zucker
  • Movie or TV show:  ATLA, Dr. Who, Scooby Doo
  • Downtown spot: The Circle