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The Career Services Office of the IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI is here to provide support, advice, and preparation for that all-important next step in life—embarking on a rewarding and productive career.

Our commitment hasn’t changed

We’ve got you.

IUPUI and the School of Informatics and Computing are continuing to help students and prospective employers to connect.

Employers: Connect with SoIC students

If you’re seeking tech-savvy new hires who can hit the ground running, you want to connect with our students.

Through its Career Services office, the IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI offers in-person and virtual Information Session opportunities for prospective employers to connect with students. Want to schedule a session, or learn more? Contact Pat Rhodes, associate director of Career Services.

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Hiring and Salaries


Our grads are getting jobs at big-name companies across the U.S.


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How Career Services can help

Students and alumni

We will fine-tune your resume, help you build an impressive portfolio, prepare you for interviews, and bring you the best opportunities for internships and employment through our strong industry relationships.


We can help you to identify students and alumni who are great fits for your organization, through our career fairs and job boards, as well as by working one-on-one with our office.

Contact us early and often to explore your options.

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Let us know you’ve been hired

If you’re a recent graduate, let our career services team know where you’re working.

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