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Thomas Lewis working with students

Video Production and Sound Design specialization

Learn by doing

Do you have stories to tell? A cause or controversy you want to explore? Share that vision with a wider audience, using skills you’ll acquire working on video productions as part of a student team.

Our graduates are winning both local and national filmmaking awards and being hired by nationally syndicated TV shows. Gain hands-on knowledge in multiple genres when you earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Arts and Science with a specialization in Video Production and Sound Design from the IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI.

Develop real-world expertise

Gain experience as you collaborate on documentaries, entertainment projects, and more while mastering the latest technical skills required in the video and sound industry. You’ll rotate through production crew positions for an apprenticeship-style experience that reflects the realities of filmmaking.

Using industry-standard equipment and software and working in our Audio Production Lab, you’ll develop, produce, and ultimately deliver a professional-quality product. And you’ll graduate with the real-world skills employers are seeking.

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“I want you to spend the bulk of your time shooting the story—emulating the professional world and meeting what’s expected of you.”

Thomas Lewis, lecturer, Video Production and Sound Design

Video and Sound Design Faculty

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