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Digital Storytelling specialization

Telling stories with technology

Story is the heartbeat of creative endeavor. Whether you’re developing an educational web series, a documentary about an indie band, or a mind-bending fantasy epic, learn how to shape ideas with words, captivate your audience, and market your vision.

At the IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI, our students take advantage of the same technology the professionals use, working in teams to create stories and scripts for emerging media platforms.

“I love writing good stories, and I love building worlds from the imagination.”

Frank Moussette, SOIC game design student

From development to distribution

Develop your writing, illustration, and narrative skills for digital platforms when you earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Arts and Science with a specialization in Digital Storytelling. With complementary classes and specializations in scriptwriting, storyboarding, design, and animation, our students create vivid, believable characters, compelling visual narratives, and portfolio-quality projects.

Understand the process of developing scripts for everything from commercials, games and comics to augmented reality medical apps. You’ll format and workshop concepts to turn your ideas into pitch-ready products.

Looking ahead

As the ways we use content evolve, so does storytelling. You can expect this degree to meet your needs whether you choose to write scripts for games, tutorials, or commercial products and videos.

Content and commercial strategy are rapidly evolving fields, and digital storytelling is an essential part of the equation for building worlds,  building brands … or both.

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