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Media Arts and Science Bachelor of Science

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Student applications and deposits will be accepted until July 31, due to COVID-19. Scholarship applications will also be accepted until the end of July.

Master emerging tech in game design, VFX, and more

Take advantage of rapidly expanding choices in digital media. Let your imagination guide you to opportunities in emerging industries with a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Science.

You can earn your degree from the IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI and turn your creative ideas into a career.

Careers: Turning passion into profession

Your degree can take you beyond 3D and 5G. Media Arts and Science students at IUPUI have opportunities to work on research and collaborative projects right away, incorporating their skills in film, audio, VR apps, and web design.

Graduate with an impressive portfolio of work demonstrating marketable skills to employers, or leverage your research to earn a graduate degree.
Careers in Media Arts and Science

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Table with display for Capstone project showing images of skulls. Title: Creating a Digital Pipeline for Forensic Facial Reconstruction of Unidentified Remains.

“Our students innovate broadly, from the design of patient prosthetics in health care to transforming what it means to preserve historical spaces through virtual reality.”
Zeb Wood, Media Arts and Science lecturer

Opportunities to grow and excel

Your MAS studies can include working with cutting-edge technology, or studying abroad. Your work will culminate with a senior-year Capstone project.

Accelerated studies save you time and money

Our program offers a gateway to accelerated graduate studies. Students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Science plus a Master of Science in either Human-Computer Interaction or Media Arts and Science in only five years.

Accelerated 4+1 programs are time and cost efficient—allowing you to complete two degrees in five years—with increased career opportunities and earning potential.

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Explore more about this degree, and how you can make it your own by adding interdisciplinary skills that tailor your talents to employers’ needs

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