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Pre-Med Specialization

It's Not Too Late to Launch Your Future

Student applications and deposits will be accepted until July 31, due to COVID-19. Scholarship applications will also be accepted until the end of July.

Prepare yourself for the future of health care. Today it is more important than ever for those in the medical professions to be knowledgeable about technology and understand the impact it can make in health care now and in the decades to come.

Informatics plays a large role in the way health care is managed by providing the ability to collect health data and utilizing the information gathered to improve health care delivery and access to care.

You are set for success. Earn a Bachelor of Science in Informatics with a specialization in pre-med, allowing you to sit for the MCAT, and the option to obtain a master’s degree in bioinformatics or health informatics prior to continuing on with a degree in medicine.

Requirements (52 cr.)

You will need to work closely with the Informatics academic advisor in order to fit these 52 credit hours into the Informatics plan of study and stay on track for a four-year graduation. Please contact your advisor during your freshman year or prior to beginning courses at IUPUI if you are interested in this specialization.

  • BIOL K101 Concepts of Biology I (5 cr.)
  • BIOL K103 Concepts of Biology II (5 cr.)
  • CHEM-C 384 / BIOL-K 384 (3 cr.)
  • CHEM C105 / CHEM C125 Principles of Chemistry I/Lab (3 cr./2cr.)
  • CHEM C106 / CHEM C126 Principles of Chemistry II/Lab (3 cr./2cr.)
  • CHEM C341 / CHEM C343 Organic Chemistry I/Lab (3 cr./2 cr.)
  • CHEM C342 Organic Chemistry II (3 cr.)
  • MATH 15900 (5 cr., or MATH 15300 and 15400)
  • MATH 165 Analytical Geometry and Calculus I (4 cr., optional but recommended for certain programs)
  • PHYS P201 General Physics I (5 cr.)
  • PHYS P202 General Physics II (5 cr.)
  • PSY B110 Introduction to Psychology (3 cr.)
  • SOC R100 Introduction to Sociology or ANTH A104 Cultural Anthropology (3 cr.)