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Media Arts and Science Specialization

The Media Arts and Science specialization requires 15 credit hours. You must receive a grade of C or better in each course. Please choose from one of the areas below:

Web Design and Development

Are you interested in full-stack Web development? Most courses within the Informatics major focus on back-end web development, so by adding the Web Design and Development specialization within Media Arts and Science, you will gain knowledge in front-end development.  The combination of the Informatics Bachelor’s degree and this area of specialization prepares you for a career in full-stack web development.

Digital Storytelling

Develop your writing, illustration, and narrative skills with courses on design, scriptwriting, storyboarding, and animation.

Note: NEWM-N 102 Digital Media Imagery is a prerequisite for NEWM-N 261 and NEWM-N 238.

Sound Design and Video Production

Sound is an important addition to any story, film, animation, game, etc. Learn the latest in sound engineering, composition, and design.

Explore your inner filmmaker through experiential learning using industry-standard equipment, advanced editing software, lighting techniques, and digital effects. Work on videos in multiple genres, including interviews, dramas, documentaries, and field productions.