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Informatics Bachelor of Science

Connecting people and technology

Discover new ways to manage the digital world—and not let it manage you.

Informatics focuses on how people and information systems connect. Utilize technology to make a difference by earning a degree in Informatics from the IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI.

Where will the future take you?

Technology is integral to our lives, opening a stunning number of career opportunities in informatics. You can turn data into solutions for employers, and develop groundbreaking advances in science, art, and entertainment.

Integrating business, technology, and experience, our curriculum empowers the next generation of computing professionals, in fields from behavioral science and health care to industry.
Careers in Informatics

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Informatics is the future.

It harnesses the power and possibility of technology.

Make your education match your goals

Man standing at projection screen pointing at metrics information.

You’ll customize your Bachelor of Science degree in informatics with a specialization, applying what you’ve learned to another discipline that aligns with your career plans.

Accelerated studies save you time and money

Our program offers a gateway to accelerated graduate studies. In just five years, you can earn a Bachelor of Science in Informatics plus a Master of Science in:

Take advantage of increased career opportunities and earning potential. By enabling you to complete two degrees in five years, Accelerated 4+1 programs are time and cost efficient.

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