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Informatics Bachelor of Science

Connecting people and technology

As our lives become more integrated with emerging technology, we seek new ways to manage the digital world—and not let it manage us.

Informatics is the study of smart computing that focuses on how people and information systems connect. If this is your passion, learn how to utilize technology to make a difference by earning a degree in Informatics from the IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI.

Our graduates turn data into solutions, developing groundbreaking advances in business, health care, science, art, and entertainment. Integrating business, technology, and experience, we’ve customized our curriculum for the next generation of computing professionals.

Taking you where you want to go

The undergraduate Informatics program is flexible. No matter your level of experience, you can learn the skills to design, implement, and evaluate the information technology tools of tomorrow. Graduates can work in fields ranging from behavioral science and health care to communications and industry.

Scholarships are available for academically talented, economically disadvantaged, and underrepresented minority students.

Informatics is the future

In the world of information and technology, it’s the bridge to all things useful. Harnessing the power and possibility of technology, informatics turns data and information into knowledge that people can use every day.

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Make your education match your goals

You’ll customize your informatics degree with a specialization, applying what you’ve learned to another discipline that aligns with your career plans. You may select any minor or certificate through IUPUI to best customize your degree to your career interests. The most popular specializations include:

Capstone project

The culmination of your education, your senior-year Capstone project focuses on using the tools and techniques you’ve mastered to become a computing and technology professional. Your Capstone may take the form of a thesis, a research project, a for-credit internship, or an applied learning project to develop an information system.
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Accelerated studies save you time and money

Our program offers a gateway to accelerated graduate studies. Students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Informatics plus a Master of Science in Applied Data ScienceBioinformatics, Health InformaticsHuman-Computer Interaction, or Jurisprudence in only 5 years.

Accelerated 4+1 programs are time and cost efficient—allowing you to complete two degrees in five years—with increased career opportunities and earning potential.

Careers in Informatics


Technology is integral to our lives, opening a stunning number of career opportunities in informatics. Graduates work in:

  • Data mining and knowledge discovery​
  • Web and mobile app development
  • Database administration
  • IT consulting
  • User experience design
  • IT project management
  • Information systems development
  • Data and business systems analysis

Before you graduate, you’ll work with our Career Services Office to learn how to search for jobs, assemble a portfolio of your work, pursue internship opportunities, and connect with employers.

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