Learning Outcomes: Learn to be a Full-Stack Developer

  1. Structure and implement HTML/CSS.
  2. Apply intermediate and advanced web development practices.
  3. Implement basic JavaScript.
  4. Create visualizations in accordance with UI/UX theories.
  5. Develop a fully functioning website and deploy on a web server.
  6. Find and use code packages based on their documentation to produce working results in a project.
  7. Create webpages that function using external data.
  8. Architect solutions to programming problems by combining visual components and classes.
  9. Develop JavaScript applications that transition between states.
  10. Identify mobile strategies and design for multiple operating systems.
  11. Distinguishing trends in multi-device implementation.
  12. Create visualizations in accordance with UI/UX theories.
  13. Derive information from data and implement data into applications.
  14. Authenticate, store, and structure user data.
        1. Develop fully working applications that can be used on cross-platforms.
        2. Disambiguate the different structures that a noSQL database may represent.
        3. Implement a RESTful backend API for storing and retrieving data via AJAX calls.
        4. Use web sockets to allow multiple synchronous access to a shared dataset.
        5. Secure a database from nefarious incursions.