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Bachelor of Science in Applied Data and Information Science

Manage the data (or it may manage you)

It takes extreme skills to tame the relentless flow of information generated in the Digital Age. Don’t be swept away. Learn to harness the power of the information stream and navigate big data.

Tap into this amazing potential for knowledge when you earn a bachelor’s degree in Applied Data and Information Science through the School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI.

Data analytics takes on information overload

Your car—like your phone, and even that new fridge—collects information nonstop. As corporations, nonprofits, and other institutions seek to realize the potential of data at extreme scale, highly skilled data professionals are managing the onslaught and turning this information into usable knowledge.

If you’re interested in the growing and evolving field of data work and information science, the Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Data and Information Science is designed for you. Our classes enable you to gain skills at every stage of the data pipeline.

We prepare you to meet the developing information needs of businesses, hospitals, and other employers through a rigorous program focused on data curation, management, ethics, analysis, and dissemination. These skills are essential to navigate a society that increasingly runs on data.

Unlock the power of data analysis

The expanding role of big data has spurred a revolution in how we make sense of the world. It influences decisions in realms from professional sports and politics to the corporate sector. And it’s outpacing legal frameworks, highlighting gaps in ethical principles, and challenging social norms.

You can develop the knowledge needed to become a data analytics professional and utilize data as a tool for positive change. Our program candidly examines the complex ethical and legal aspects of data practices. You’ll learn to create actionable insights and understand the societal implications of data work, including privacy and surveillance.

An interdisciplinary field of study

When you earn this Bachelor of Science degree, you’ll choose to specialize in either:

Applied Data Science

Develop the mathematical and technological skills to understand data science and analyze complex data sets. You’ll visualize them using descriptive statistics and graphs, to aid in decision-making. Learn to identify the appropriate analytics methods for solving real-world problems. Master the concepts and tools to support big data analytics.

Employers are seeking to hire people who can make decisions effectively using big data insights. Jobs in this speciality are emerging and expected to grow rapidly in the coming years, according to the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) database.

If students go on to earn a graduate degree, such as an accelerated dual degree with a master’s in Applied Data Science, they can expect to earn a six-figure salary, according to

Applied Information Science

Learn how to organize, access, and manage data sets.

Designed to attract those who are at home in the liberal arts, humanities, and social sciences, this specialization allows students to develop digital competencies that translate into greater employability at a premium rate of pay.

You’ll learn to organize and document the data we’re creating every day, and to understand both the potential and the legal, privacy and surveillance issues surrounding the evolution of data collection.

Your classes give you the opportunity to design databases and perform the data management tasks that are part of today’s data life cycle, including backup and security, as well as exploring the social and ethical implications of data management in the Information Age.

Accelerated studies save you time and money

The Applied Data and Information Science program provides a path to accelerated graduate studies. In only 5 years you can earn either:

Careers in Applied Data and Information Science


Annual median wage for data warehousing specialists, per O*NET

Before you graduate, you’ll work with SOIC’s Career Services Office to learn how to search for jobs, assemble a portfolio of your work, pursue internship opportunities, and connect with employers.

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