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Student applications for the 2020-21 school year will be accepted until August 14 via the ApplyIU platform only. Applicants who apply up through this date will have until August 18 to submit all needed transcripts and materials to be reviewed for the fall semester. We will also continue to award admission-based scholarships for those who meet the qualification criteria.

Saba Ahmed Saba Ahmed

Hometown: Valparaiso, IN

Major: Informatics, with Chemistry minor

Interest: Global Health

My name is Saba and I am an Informatics major, minoring in Chemistry with a concentration in pre-med. Majoring in Informatics helps me stand out and combine technology with healthcare. I am able to be involved with the School of Informatics and the School of Science which is very exciting. I have worked in a Pathology research lab as well as a Geochemistry research lab. I really love research and seeing how technology plays a huge role in the healthcare field. My ultimate goal is to become a global health doctor and having this background will help me achieve this goal. I think this program would help any student pursing research or medicine!

Neel SanganiNeel Sangani

Hometown: Avon, IN

Major: Biomedical Informatics

Interest: Genome Research

I believe I have been really fortunate to be where I am today. Biomedical Informatics wasn’t my primary choice of major. As a high school student, I always looked for opportunities to get the gist of current medical interventions. Luckily, I was able to do research at DePauw University in both biology and chemistry sector under Project SEED Program as an intern. I obtained the prospective of synthesizing a drug in an organic lab and testing this derivative on Giant Danio fish under microscope at embryonic level. I realized that I’m personally not a dry lab person, who likes to work in a lab under a microscope or spend weeks making a potential pharmaceutical drug. However, I enjoyed learning chemistry behind the chemical reactions at atomic level, therefore, I enrolled as a Biochemistry major. During my first semester at IU Bloomington, my biology professor, Dr. Jason Tennessen, explained the advancement in gene-editing using the CRISPR tool. This is when I started noticing gaps in the genetics research work and wanted to learn more about this field’s potential. Second semester I enrolled in a molecular biology class where I learned in depth about RNA and DNA replication mechanisms and other factors that cause genetic disorder. I was fascinated to learn how we are now able to assess genetic variation using high computing power that once was impossible. Not so long after, I switched my major to Molecular Biology and also enrolled in an informatics program understanding the importance of managing data in the future. While I was researching about the field, I stumbled upon the on-going Human Genome Project under which researchers are trying to build an ideal DNA sequence that every patient can be referenced against to check for any genetic disorder.

Upon learning about this genome research, I really wanted to contribute to this cause. Thus, I looked for programs that focus on this study and stumbled on the Bioinformatics degree. Unfortunately, after consulting with both biology and informatics advisors, I came to know that IUB has yet to develop such a program. I further researched and came to know that IUPUI has this program along with 4+1 accelerated program where you can receive your masters with your bachelors in 5 years. Furthermore, the campus has ready access to  hospital data for research purposes and is surrounded by pharmaceutical industries like Eli Lily and Roche that hire undergraduates as interns who are interested in medical data analysis. Before transferring to IUPUI, I consulted with Dr. Janga, Associate Professor of Bioinformatics and Data Science, who is an epitranscriptomics and RNA modification researcher at IUPUI. After understanding the scope of the field and potential research work available on the campus, I transferred to IUPUI and started working as a research assistant under Dr. Janga. Currently, I am working with NGS (New Generation Sequencing) through which you can find novel transcripts and do downstream differential expression analysis.

Hope WillisHope Willis

Hometown: Evansville, IN

Major: Biomedical Informatics

Interest: Drug Discovery

I was initially going to be a Biology Major, but I had heard so many good things about SOIC when I visited the campus! I decided to change my major to informatics, but when doing so I saw that there was a new program called Biomedical Informatics, and after doing a little research I was hooked! I love the program I am in though it is pretty difficult. It is something that most people have never heard of before, so getting to explain the things that I am doing and what it entails and see peoples reaction is pretty great. This semester I got the opportunity to work with the program director, Dr.Wu, on a research opportunity about Drug Discovery. Never did I think as a sophomore in college I would be working on a research project with masters and PhD students. If I would not have chosen the program that I did, I don’t think that I would be getting the experience and opportunities that I do now!