A.S. in Biology at Ivy Tech to B.S. in Biomedical Informatics-Premed specialization at IUPUI

Students who graduate from Ivy Tech with the Associate of Science degree in Biology must complete these courses in order to earn the Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Informatics-Premedical specialization from IUPUI.

If general education requirements have not been completed, including college-level math, additional courses may be required to complete this degree.

Students must earn a C or higher in all courses, as well as a cumulative grade point average of a 2.0 or higher, in order to graduate.

Curriculum details

Plan of Study

Fall Semester First Year (15 cr.)

INFO-C 201 Mathematical Foundations of Informatics (BMI-specific section) (4 cr.)

CHEM-C 341 Organic Chemistry I Lecture (3 cr.)

CHEM-C 343 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory (2 cr.)

HIM-M 220 Healthcare Informatics for Decision Support (3 cr.)

PBHL-B 302 Biostatistics for Informatics (3 cr.)


Spring Semester First Year (15 cr.)

INFO-I 210 Information Infrastructure I (BMI-specific section) (4 cr.)

CHEM-C 342 Organic Chemistry II Lecture (3 cr.)

CHEM-C 344 Organic Chemistry II Laboratory (2 cr.)

INFO-B 419 Introduction to Bioinformatics (3 cr.)

INFO-I 421 Applications of Data Mining (3 cr.)


Fall Semester Second Year (16 cr.)

INFO-I 211 Information Infrastructure II (BMI-specific section) (4 cr.)

BIOL-K 384 Biochemistry (3 cr.)

INFO-B 406 Biomedical Informatics (3 cr.)

INFO-I 416 Applied Cloud Computing for Data Intensive Sciences (3 cr.)

SOC-R 100 Introduction to Sociology (3 cr.)


Spring Semester Second Year (15 cr.)

INFO-B 446 Computational System Biology (3 cr.)

INFO-B 473 Application Programming for Biomedical Data Analysis (3 cr.)

CSCI 49000 or 36500 Foundations of Computer Science (3 cr.)

INFO-B 474 Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis (3 cr.)

INFO-I 491 Capstone Project Internship (3 cr.)


For additional details on the 2+2 Agreement, please visit the Center for Transfer and Adult Students.