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Transfer Students

Are you considering transferring to IUPUI and the School of Informatics and Computing? We’re here to make the process a bit less intimidating! Follow the steps below and contact an advisor if you have any questions during the process.

Philosophy Statement

As an urban research institution, IUPUI is deeply committed to the educational success of all students. As part of this commitment, students who transfer to IUPUI will experience coordinated, holistic, and developmentally appropriate support as they transition into and through the university.

As they pursue their degrees, they will be intentionally connected to high-quality curricular and co-curricular learning experiences and provided continuous access to support services. Their student experiences will be based on a theoretical framework that supports the unique needs of transfer students. These experiences will enhance their academic and social integration and commitment to attaining academic and career goals.

1. Research our Degrees

Investigate our programs to see if we’re a good academic fit for each other. If you would like more information, we strongly encourage prospective transfer students from ANY undergraduate program/school (including students already at IUPUI) to attend one of our regularly scheduled student information sessions.

If you are an IUPUI student and would like to pursue a Media Arts and Science, Informatics, Biomedical Informatics, Health Information Management degree, or any of our minors or certificates please schedule an appointment to speak with one of our advisors who can help evaluate your situation and
guide you through the process.

2. Course Transfers

Do some research to see what college courses you’ve already taken might transfer in to our degrees at IUPUI. TransferIN is a good source to determine how your credits may transfer to IUPUI from other Indiana schools. If transferring from an out-of-state school, IUPUI recommends Transferology. And don’t forget to review IUPUI’s Transfer Credit Policy.

Ivy Tech Students

The School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI has course articulation agreements with the following programs at Ivy Tech:

The Passport Office is an invaluable resource for students transferring from Ivy Tech to IUPUI. They maintain a list of all Ivy Tech courses that can be transferred into IUPUI, including general education courses. Please be sure to contact them if you have any questions about the application process, financial aid, or specific Ivy Tech to IUPUI scholarships.

Parkland College Students

The School of Informatics and Computing is happy to welcome students from Parkland College to IUPUI to complete your bachelor’s degree. Parkland College graduates from the Associate in Applied Science Degree program in Digital Media may transfer and apply a maximum of 64 credit hours from that completed degree towards the IUPUI Bachelor of Science degree in Media Arts and Science.

3. Apply

Keeping in mind the admission deadlines, apply!

While you wait, you can check your application status and also be sure to check out your financial aid options, including SOIC’s transfer student scholarships.

4. After Acceptance

After you are officially accepted to IUPUI, you will receive instructions on registering for Transfer Tuesday, an online webinar, and orientation. During orientation, you will meet with an academic advisor for an advising appointment where you will discuss your transfer courses, academic goals, and remaining courses needed for graduation.

If you are accepted into a fully online program, you will not be required to attend an on-campus orientation program.