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2022 Summer Technology Camps

Develop your skills, or learn something completely new, in our hands-on summer STEM camps for high school students.

Our one-week camps provide learning opportunities that improve students' computer skills. Faculty from the School of Informatics and Computing teach the sessions and help students to explore in-demand career options.

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$500 college scholarships

Earn a one-time $500 scholarship for attending a week long camp. Must be a high school student graduating in 2023 and be admitted to a School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI bachelor's degree program.


Students designing games

Game Design and Development

Sold out

Are you enthralled by PlayStation 4 or Xbox One games? Do you have an idea for a gaming world that you want to bring to life? Take advantage of this unique opportunity to become a beginning game developer! Using Unreal 4—the world's leading game engine that was used to create "Batman: Arkham Asylum," "Gears of War," and the "Final Fantasy 7" remake—you'll learn to create a fully playable, original 3-D world complete with lands, buildings, and all kinds of objects from the world of gaming. You won't need previous experience.

Mathew Powers

Monday, July 11 - Friday, July 15
Student building a website

Intro to Web Design & Development

Are you a fan of Pokémon? In this Technology Camp, you will learn all the skills and acquire practical experience for building a Single Page Application (SPA) to display your favorite Pokémon. You will start with learning HTML5 and the flexible layout of CSS3. You will then spend most of your time learning to use a JavaScript framework called REACT to create interactive web pages. You will also learn about consuming API data. You will leave this camp with a complete Single Page Application. Since you will publish the app on the Internet, you can share it with your family and friends. You won't need any previous programming or web development experience.

Louie Zhu

Monday, July 11 - Friday, July 15
Student designing an AI bot

AI and Bot Development

Artificial Intelligence is an extension of our computing ability and human evolution with technology and digital transformation. This camp will help you examine the crucial and consequential relationship between AI and humans and use your imagination and creative instincts to explore the design and basic blueprints of combining AI with Human Intelligence (HI) in the co-creation of technology and relationships. You will analyze scenarios of self-learning AI systems and assess some unintended risks of human interaction with potential future intelligent machines. You will also learn how to design conversation paths and training data and create, connect, and train your own software bots.

Fawzi BenMessaoud

Monday, July 11 - Friday, July 15
Student designing a character

Creature and Character Design

Do you love creatures and aliens? Do you have a sketchbook full of original creations? Now you can bring them to life through technology! You'll learn to draw, animate, and create a creature, alien or other characters to share with your friends and family—and how to use the Spore Creature Creator Engine. To help bring your creations to life, you'll study myths, legends, biology, and evolution—and how your creatures fit into video games, comic books, movies, and more. You'll also explore the creation of Pokémon and its worldwide success.

Mathew Powers

Monday, July 18 - Friday, July 22
Person taking a photo with a smart phone

Social Media Content Creation

In this camp, you'll explore video, sound, and story foundations to produce social media content. We will analyze what makes a compelling story on social media. We will discuss lighting, video composition, and quality sound design. Then we'll utilize the Adobe Creative Suite to edit and produce a finished product. You will leave this camp with an understanding of the entire process of this exciting and marketable skill.

Rodney Smith

Monday, July 18 - Friday, July 22
Student working with big health data

Health Data Analytics

Healthcare and our understanding of it has gone through tremendous changes with more data becoming available: ranging from electronic health records to medical images to genetics, and including nutritional, lifestyle, and social-economical information. Computation and data science in biomedical sciences are highly sought after skills. In this camp, you'll learn the latest developments in biohealth informatics and practice on real-world data to explore machine learning models and derive insight from them.

Jiaping Zheng

Monday, July 18 - Friday, July 22
Student designing a 2D animation

2D Animation & Storytelling

In this camp, you'll dive into the foundations of 2D Animation both narratively and graphically. We will discuss The Hero's Journey, which will give you an understanding of how stories are structured and why they're structured that way. Then we'll spend the majority of your time with the 12 Principles of Animation and the Animation Pipeline to explore how stories are presented visually. You will leave this camp with a complete property—a whole story you've developed on your own, ready to tell through comics, television, or film.

David Perry

Monday, July 25 - Friday, July 29
Student designing a 3D model

3D Modeling & Animation

We will take a first look at how to create 3D models and textures, and how to make animations the way the professionals do it. You will learn the basics of using Maya, the industry-standard animation package, as well as how to make animations feel lifelike. Over the course of the camp, you will work on a final 3D animation of your choosing. No previous experience necessary.

Kevin Miller

Monday, July 25 - Friday, July 29