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Undergraduate Research

In her own words: An IUPUI student’s take on undergraduate research opportunities
Video by Derrick Brownie, Program Coordinator/Social Media Strategist, Center for Research and Learning

Explore emerging technologies through research

Enhance your coursework with real-world experience by collaborating with IUPUI faculty and fellow students on projects in your field of study. You’ll expand upon what you’re learning as you earn your bachelor’s degree, and discover how to put theory into practice in fields from bioinformatics to human-computer interaction.

Students who engage in undergraduate research gain working knowledge of what goes into an academic research project. This includes not only doing research, but also working to obtain grants for undergraduate research, and sharing findings.

Explore IUPUI undergraduate research opportunities

Offering research experience for undergraduates

The IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI encourages undergraduate students to take an active role in their education by applying to the diverse Undergraduate Research Programs available through the Center for Research and Learning (CRL). Let your ideas and the knowledge you’ve gained inspire your work via this immersive learning experience.

Students can earn class credit for undergraduate research projects while gaining valuable career skills.

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