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Daniel Robertson, PhD: The Lilly Open Innovation Drug Discovery Program (OIDD)


Through OIDD, Lilly has established a network of top global research talent at academic and biotech institutions to provide them access to proprietary, in vitro phenotypic and target-based assays (PD2 and TargetD2). This partnership is supported by the program’s website portal and application, which lowers the barrier for collaborations between investigators working inside and outside the Lilly walls. Additional capabilities are planned and now being delivered to assist in leveraging the biological data and designing new molecules to assist Lilly’s OIDD partners to optimize their molecules relative to these assays and targets.

About Daniel H. Robertson

Daniel H. Robertson received his Ph.D. from Florida State University in 1990 where he performed ab initio, molecular dynamics, and Monte Carlo simulations on small model clusters. After receiving his Ph.D. he was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC. During his postdoctoral studies, he worked on large scale simulations of energetic materials and chemically-sustained shock waves which are more commonly called explosives and detonations. He was member of the team that first identified and published on the unique electronic (insulator, semi-conductor, and metallic depending on chirality) and structural properties on carbon nanotubules. After his postdoctoral term, he joined the Chemistry Department of Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI) to lead the NIH-funded molecular modeling facility. At the University, he continued his work on simulations and molecular modeling and learned/taught usage of molecular modeling software as well as being the go-to-guy for all things technical for the department. He was also the webmaster of one of the first chemistry departments on the World Wide Web. During the late 1990s Dan did a brief time as a Lead Scientific Programmer for the Virtual Reality group at Indiana University programming on the ImmersaDesk and CAVE, including a visualization of the NIH Visual Human dataset. He left IUPUI just as the School of Informatics was forming and in early 2000, Dan joined Eli Lilly to support small molecule drug discovery computational and modeling development efforts. In 2006, he became the Director for the computational chemistry and structural biology group at Lilly and then in 2010 he moved over to the IT organization as the Sr. Director supporting all of the Research efforts of Lilly Research Laboratories (LRL) across the global research sites.