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Rosa Arriaga, PhD



Computing holds the promise of alleviating some of the negative impact of both chronic disease and developmental disorders by scaling human effort over time and space. Two major gaps in asthma management are (a) lack of continuity of care between scheduled clinical visits and (b) the scarcity of tools to promote communication between patients and clinical providers. Individuals with autism, on the other hand, require constant guidance on everyday challenges. In this talk I will discuss technology interventions that address these issues and provide personalized solutions. One is a text-message based system for pediatric asthma patients. The other provides crowdsourced support for individuals with autism. I will also discuss the underlying theories that power these two systems and new projects that are in line with this chronic care research agenda.

About Rosa Arriaga

Dr. Arriaga is a Senior Research Scientist at Georgia Tech’s School of Interactive Computing. Her emphasis is on using psychological concepts, theories and methods to address fundamental topics of human computer interaction and social computing. She received her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from Harvard University.