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Jodi Forlizzi, Ph.D.

Jodi Forlizzi, Ph.D.
Ph.D., Design in Human-Computer Interaction, Carnegie Mellon University,

I am an interaction designer and researcher in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute and at the School of Design. My research ranges from understanding the limits of human attention to understanding how products and services evoke social behavior, and I design and research systems ranging from peripheral displays to social and assistive robots and interfaces to control them. Some of my current research interests include:

Big data and what it means for design. We now routinely use our smart phones and our online behavior to track our human activity; in other cases, it is done autonomously on our behalf. I am interested in how this metadata can be used for lifelogging, in wellness and healthcare applications, and to help us understand our identity and express who we are.

Service design. I am interested in all aspects of service design, from how it is best taught to extending the rudimentary research in the field. I have done studies on service recovery, adaptive service design, and how to personalize service delivery to help people meet their goals in using a service.

Human-robot interaction. My work in this area ranges from designing robots to assist elders and caregivers in homes and institutions, to designing HRI for robots that can be touched and pushed, to designing interfaces and behaviors for medical robots and robot swarms.

Designing to support the limits of attention. I am very interested in how we can design information to support the limits of human attention. We have explored this problem in a number of domains.

Designing educational games. I am interested in what design patterns make educational games more engaging and more effective. I am interested how the role of social play (such as scorekeeping and leaderboards) and the role of choice (such as order in the game and opponents) affects the success and outcomes of the game.