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Designing Hybrid Information Systems for Wellbeing

Heekyoung Jung, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati

Friday, March 2 at 10 a.m. in IT 252


With advanced technologies and increased expectations for the quality of life, public interest in wellbeing is growing, expanding related design opportunities from reactive healthcare to proactive self-care. HCI communities have mainly taken data-based approaches to make positive behavior changes by tracking activity/bio data. However, the efficacy of tracking applications is questionable with unnecessary data overload and user disengagement in reflective practice. I will present two design studies that aim to complement data-based approaches for wellbeing: 1) reflective practicum development by integrating reflective learning and self-tracking/reporting for transformative reflection and 2) soma-wearable design  by integrating Somaesthetic practice and responsive fashion to reinforce mind and body association. Based on these case studies, I will discuss how form-making could be a lens to envision the design for wellbeing by leveraging aesthetic and experiential qualities of hybrid information systems for engaging and performative self-reflective practice.


Dr. Jung is an Associate Professor of Interaction Design in the School of Design at University of Cincinnati. She teaches interactive visual and product system design studio courses with an emphasis on streamlined and engaging user experience. Some of her studio courses have been industry-sponsored to contextualize emerging information and interaction technologies for in-flight communication, lift truck driving experience, and medical data visualization. Based on her cross-disciplinary experience, she frames interaction design from form-making to cultural practice by crafting socio-cultural meanings of digital experiences.