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Juan Wachs, Ph.D., M.Sc.: Hand Gesture Interaction for Healthcare – A New Challenge



The inclusion of smart technologies and automation to support and augment surgical performance offers the promise of shorter operating times, higher accuracy and fewer risks compared with traditional surgery. This presentation discusses current research in the area of intelligent interfaces based on gesture tracking and recognition and surgical robotics. A number of case-studies are discussed in this context, all applied to the healthcare arena. The implications of the introduction of automation and smart-technologies, to assistant us, rather than to replace us, are discussed in terms of the societal and technological requirements. Quantitative and qualitative findings are presented as evidence to support the claims discussed.

About Juan Wachs

Wachs is an assistant professor at Purdue University, at the School of Industrial Engineering. Previously, he was a postdoc fellow at the Naval Postgraduate School, at the MOVES institute working on problems related to body posture recognition, subresolution tracking and surveillance applications. Wachs completed his Phd on the Intelligent Systems Track, entitled “Hand Gesture Vocabularies Design”. His PhD covered topics on pattern recognition, cognitive and physiological measures for hand gesture interfaces for robot control.