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Gary Schwebach, JD: The “Business” of Healthcare: Making Health Information Technology Relevant to Real World Needs

Friday, September 7 at 12 p.m. in IT 252


Healthcare costs are estimated to consume almost 20% of the US GDP, a level that is unsustainable.  Health Information Technology is seen as one way to address this cost while providing better health outcomes for the population. An understanding of the “business” of healthcare is essential for those developing and using HIT/ Informatics solutions if this potential is to be realized.

This colloquium will provide a summary of the “business” of healthcare at the provider level then explore the implications of this for HIT/ Informatics. It will use an interactive discussion to help the attendees develop their own knowledge base and potential ideas for making their personal studies and research more relevant to using HIT/ Informatics in healthcare.

About Gary Schwebach

Dr. Gary Schwebach has spent the past 30 years conducting business research in the healthcare industry. He was the founder and president of G & S Research, Inc., a multi-million dollar market research and business consulting company of over 40 people that focused on the bio-pharmaceutical industry. He also founded Navigrant, a subscription database company that provided searchable information about life science grants issued globally. After selling both companies, he has consulted with the healthcare industry since 2014. Gary holds a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and a Doctor of Law (JD) which allow him to bring a multi-disciplinary perspective to addressing the business of healthcare.