Vanya Srivastava

Vanya Srivastava
  • Graduate student ambassador
  • Degree sought: M.S. Human Computer Interaction


vasriviu [dot] edu



Bachelor's degree in Communication Design


Hometown: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

I was always a creative and curious kid growing up, coming up with stories to keep myself engaged in some mundane task. I wanted to work in an industry where I could convert my hobbies to full-time work. That is how I pursued my bachelor’s in Communication Design with a major in animation and film design.

However, as I ventured into the industry, I got more fascinated by understanding users and producing more efficient digital solutions for them. With an industry experience of 4+ years as a UI-UX designer, I am pursuing my passion for understanding users through different research mediums. I am transitioning towards UX Research, so that I can make more effective decisions.

Work is my playground, and I enjoy it. When I am not working, I read, work out, and travel.

Advice for new students: Be kind and compassionate. It’s challenging as the going gets tough, but it will definitely leave a mark on the people you meet in your journey. And smile more often!! 🙂