Sravya Devisetty

Sravya Devisetty
  • Graduate Student Ambassador
  • Degree sought: M.S. Health Informatics


Bachelor of Dental Surgery


Hometown: Andhra Pradesh, India

During my undergraduate in Bachelor of Dental Surgery, I noticed a significant gap between healthcare and information technology. Data has always fascinated me, and I believe it is the new ‘fuel’, and the decisions based on the interpretation of that data can never go wrong! This intrigued to me pursue Health Informatics at IUPUI.

As a Health Informatics graduate, I will strive to integrate technology into healthcare to enhance people’s overall quality of life. As a SoIC graduate Student Ambassador, I am looking forward to helping students who would like to kick start their careers in Health Informatics.

Advice for new students:

Do not hesitate to take that ‘one step’ towards accomplishing your dream. A dream that might seem impossible today, will be the reality of tomorrow if you work towards it.