Sophie Jaegly

Sophie Jaegly
  • Media Arts and Science and History
  • Toledo, Ohio (Toledo Early College)


Career goal

I’m exploring ways to create visual scapes for other people to enjoy, combining the technical skills of me Media Arts & Science studies with the cultural background of my History major.

I want to work as a videographer, production designer, or museum curator.

Why are you a mentor?

SoIC is a family, and mentoring is my way of contributing to that rich community.

College is about embracing who you are, and mentoring is one way to encourage students to explore their individuality.

Being in SOIC is about being yourself. Be proud of your work, be proud of your accomplishments, and be proud of yourself. If you can build up confidence in your own abilities, you can accomplish anything.


Take advantage of campus freebies: free tutoring, free technology labs, and free academic coaching! IU.ware is a great resource to access free, professional design educational software.


  • Read: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
  • Downtown spot: Catch me sippin’ on something iced at a coffee shop!
  • Study spot: The Campus Center terrace