Sahar Abdullah

  • Undergraduate Student Ambassador
  • Major: Biomedical Informatics


Hometown: Indianapolis

High school: Eman Schools

Career goal: Work in the health care field

About: I am majoring in Biomedical Informatics with a minor in Chemistry.  I am on the executive boards of the Undergraduate Women in Science and Women4Change@IUPUI  student organizations. I also am an iDEW mentor.

While I was in high school, I attended the SoIC open house and Capstone events. At these events, I was exposed to all the opportunities that SoIC has to offer. The students and staff were always very welcoming and informative. I participated in the SoIC summer camps as well, and these great experiences prompted me to do my own research when choosing a college and school. The incorporation of technology and biological sciences is what drew me to biomedical informatics as a major.