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Rahul Yadav, M.S.

  • Applied Data Science M.S.


rayadaiu [dot] edu


Hometown: Mumbai, India

Undergraduate degree: Civil Engineering B.S., Aerodynamics M.S. – IIT Bombay

About: Over the last 2-3 years I had an increasing curiosity in the domain of Data Science, So I started taking online courses from Coursera/EdX. While these courses were good, there was something missing which I realized, over time, was a classroom environment to share my ideas and get involved in the ideas of others. I believe if you want to learn and contribute something in a domain you need to dedicate yourself to it as much as possible and the rest will follow.

Advice to new students: Once you free your mind about what you can achieve, or whether you are headed in right direction, you can achieve whatever you want in life.