Neel Sangani

  • Undergraduate Student Ambassador
  • Major: Biomedical Informatics


Hometown: Avon, Indiana

High school: Avon High School

Career goal: Cancer Genomics/Oncology

About: I transferred from IU Bloomington to pursue my passion in the specialized Biology and Informatics major – Biomedical Informatics. I was truly fascinated by the ability to genetically engineer human genes using CRISPR Cas9, a protein that can cut double-stranded DNA. Seeking the opportunity to explore and advance the work in this field brought me to IUPUI. The campus is located amid major hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, making it a prime hub for innovation and creativity.

I have gotten the opportunity to research during my high school and college and have met numerous advisors before settling to the BMI major. I hope to share my acquired knowledge and experience with you and guide you to your future career.

Besides academic research work, I am actively involved in Bioinformatics Club at IUPUI and SAPB (Student Activities Programming Board).