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Logan Palmer 

  • Undergraduate Student Ambassador
  • Major: Informatics


Hometown:  Indianapolis

High school: Pike High School

Career goal: Game development

About: I am a first-year, first-generation student majoring in Informatics. I’ve been in Indianapolis my entire life, which allowed me to get to know the School of Informatics and Computing through a couple of high school programs. Having already built up a bit of a network here helped me make the decision to attend SOIC.

Both those programs and the academic relationships here that I began to build in high school are things that I valued greatly. I decided to become a Student Ambassador to help reach out to people in the same way that I was reached out to. I aspire to have as much of a positive impact on the next generation of SOIC students as the last generation had on me, and to help prospective and incoming students and their families better understand the School of Informatics and Computing!