Emma Parker

Emma Parker
  • Lead Mentor
  • Informatics and HCI
  • Bloomington, IN (Bloomington South)


Career goal?

My career goal is to go back to the Walt Disney Company and work in IT, the Data and Analytics department, or Imagineering.

Why are you a mentor?

I am a mentor because I love helping other students grow and succeed. While assisting students in their academic achievement, I also learn things that help me become a better student. I enjoy being able to build a bond with other students so that the School of Informatics and Computing can provide a friendly and helpful environment for everyone.

What advice would you give an SoIC student?

Take advantage of all instructor, TA, and tutor hours. Even if you think you are doing just fine in all of your classes, going to those office hours will bring your academic work to the next level and really help in the long run.

Best resource on campus (or academic tool) you’d suggest to a mentee?

Quizlet is super helpful. I make my own flash cards before all of my tests and quizzes filled with questions from presentations and homework. And you and your friends/classmates can help out with making them so you all have a good study tool.

Favorite book/music/movie?

My favorite book is “Becoming” by Michelle Obama. My favorite type of music is a mix of Disney, early 2000s Pop Punk, and 60s-70s blues and rock. My favorite movie right now is Hamilton.