Cameron Miller

Cameron Miller
  • Tutor & Peer Mentor


  • Hometown + high school: I’m from Fishers, but recently relocated to Greenwood for the year! I went to Hamilton Southeastern High School and graduated in 2018.
  • Career goals: Right now, I think I’d like to work in a medical coding/billing area or registration when I finish my degree. I’ll be interning with Eskenazi Health this fall in the medical records department, so I’m hoping this experience leads me further towards what I may want to do after school!
  • Advice: Utilize your professors’ office hours! Even before deciding on a major pathway, when getting more of my gen-ed’s completed, I was nervous about using office hours – specifically in areas I really struggled with. Once I started using them, though, I saw just how much my professors cared about me and my success, and it helped me to not only learn difficult material more, but also helped shape me into a better student overall! The MAC in Taylor Hall was also SUPER helpful for me my freshman year when I took finite! I also met with a mentor in the BEPKO Learning Center that year, who helped me to stay on track throughout each semester and helped me reach my goals! I also took a stress management course, which was incredibly beneficial, though it isn’t directly a resource, and highly recommend it. Use all the people and resources available to you – that’s what they’re there for!
  • Favorite course: The course I would say is my most favorite at IUPUI was HPER-H180 my freshman year! This was a course all about stress prevention and management, and it really equipped me well with tools to work on identifying and managing my stress throughout the first semester of college. I still use many techniques and concepts from the course now as a senior! I’d definitely recommend taking it if you’ve got the elective space to do so – it can be really beneficial!
  • Favorite book/music/movie: I don’t currently have a most favorite book, though I did recently read The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins! Super intriguing book – I finished it in less than 24 hours! As far as movies and TV go, I really loved Schitt’s Creek, and have a soft spot for The Golden Girls. Outside of that, I love lo-fi music, and two of my favorite groups/artists are Coldplay and flor. I really like most all genres/decades of music otherwise!