Visual Show “Monsters” Features Media Arts and Science Student Work

November 3, 2015

Monsters by IUPUI Media Arts and Science students

The Fall visual show “Monsters” in the IUPUI Campus Center showcases several examples of original creature creation works from Lecturer Mathew A. Powers’ (MFA) Spring Creature Design course (N233/N585). This class, from the IU School of Informatics and Computing’s Media Arts & Science program, is an applied theory class where students are able to choose from three creation categories, 2D, 3D, and Storytelling to bring their original creatures to life. The class educates students, from multiple schools and practices, on the principles of creature design so that they may craft engaging creations that are appropriate for stories, video games, movies, television, and experimental media. Students walk out with the ability to craft not only their own creatures but the worlds they inhabit and leave with a series of portfolio worthy creations and accompanying written stories.

The creators are:

Green Monster from Monsters

TIV by Alexander Cwik, Shane Etheridge, and Olivia Mader​

  • Headron by Shane Etheridge
  • Tensep by Olivia Mader
  • Prawler by Kevin Jethrow
  • Oozma by Olivia Sipes
  • TIV by Alexander Cwik, Shane Etheridge, and Olivia Mader​
  • Skidders by Dilasia Strahan​
  • Shepherds by Dilasia Strahan
  • Environments Scavenge Beasts by Dilasia Strahan
  • Canyon Cremini by Yekaterina Komarovskaya
  • Portabata by Yekaterina Komarovskaya
  • Evolution: The Flying Mushroom by Yekaterina Komarovskaya
  • Mycotiel by Yekaterina Komarovskaya

Please contact the instructor Mathew Powers at for more information.

Media Contact

Joanne Lovrinic