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ThemeVision LLC awards third annual scholarship to media arts and science student

May 17, 2010

The School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI and ThemeVision LLC are pleased to name Jacqueline Crofts as recipient of the annual ThemeVision Scholarship. The award recognizes an outstanding female minority student pursuing a degree in media arts and science.

Indianapolis-based ThemeVision, led by President and Founder Dennis Stolle, created the scholarship three years ago. Its objective is to support and encourage the future careers of female and minority students too often underrepresented in Indiana’s computing, informatics and media arts workforce. Such students represent precisely the talent and skill ThemeVision relies upon as a provider of trial consulting and courtroom graphics services.

Stolle also supports student development at the School of Informatics and Computing as a member of the professional advisory board to the school’s media arts and science program.

Crofts, a junior, specializes in game design and animation. She is a frequent collaborator on School of Informatics and Computing-sponsored projects for industry and often manages freelance projects in addition to her studies.

“This scholarship will have a huge impact on me over the next two semesters. It will really help me have extra confidence that I can succeed. I can’t wait to start my career out of the many opportunities that I have,” said Crofts.

About ThemeVision LLC
ThemeVision is an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Barnes & Thornburg LLP. Through its team of graphic artists and social-science PhDs, the organization provides litigation consulting services to businesses and law firms throughout the country. ThemeVision works on high-stakes litigation, assisting trial teams with the development of persuasive trial themes and arguments. ThemeVision develops animations and still graphics that help convey complex arguments, concepts and information to the court and the jury. For more information, visit


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