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Student Technology Group Hosting Scratch Competition

March 14, 2014

Students in Technology, Academia, Research, and Services The student group, Students in Technology, Academia, Research, and Services (STARS), is currently hosting a virtual Scratch competition.

Scratch is a free system used as a graphical user interface way of learning computer programming, a method originally created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  In a Scratch competition, participants create their projects at home, online on their own, or collaborate with their friends or others as part of a team.

Competition Rules:

1. Form a team. You can have up to 5 members on a team.

2. Make sure your parents or caregivers give you the “Okay” to participate.

3. Make your best Scratch creation.

4. Check back for info on how to share your creation with us.

The competition is free, and students of all ages are encouraged and welcomed to enter.  The submission deadline for the competition is April 1st.  Following the competition, there will be an awards celebration held on April 13.

STARS is a group which aims to increase the participation of women, under-represented minorities and people with disabilities in computing disciplines through multi-faceted interventions.

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