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Media Arts and Science professor publishes research on critical thinking vs. software education

April 27, 2009

Edgar Huang, associate professor, IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI, has published a paper examining the distinctions between teaching students how to think and how to use software. Teaching Button-Pushing versus Teaching Thinking: The State of New Media Education in US Universities was published in "Convergence, the International Journal of Research Into New Media Technologies".

Huang’s research focused on how the teaching of thinking skills and that of technological skills has been balanced in U.S. new media programs to produce both employable graduates and life-long learners. Huang found that most programs have balanced the two skill sets, but that more effort should be made to integrate the teaching of both skill sets in individual courses to give students an expedited, holistic learning experience.

The full journal article is available here.

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Joanne Lovrinic