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Lecturer Todd Shelton to Speak at Boston Web Conference

November 7, 2013

School of Informatics and Computing Lecturer, Todd Shelton of the Media Arts and Science program, will be addressing attendees at the annual Web Unleashed event, part of the Future. Innovation. Technology. Creativity. (FITC) Conference this weekend in Boston.

Todd Shelton Media Arts Faculty

Todd Shelton

FITC is focused on inspirational and educational events for the design and technology community. This year their Web Unleashed event is a front-end developer event that will feature presentations as well as hands on workshops.

Shelton will give the first of two presentations, “Getting to Know LESS, CSS Preprocessor”, on Thursday, November 7th.  During this demonstration, Shelton will show how one can write variable, functions and mixins in CSS using LESS and how it looks when returning to the HTML page.

In his second presentation, Friday, November 8th,  “Animation for the Web Using the GreenSock Animation Library”,  he will demonstrate how to incorporate the GreenSock Animation library into a web site and how to use it to animate different elements of that site.

“Using technology to tell a story,” said Shelton. “Whether it’s on a website, or a mobile app, Informatics is taking data and utilizing technology to share that data with others in a good and pleasing way that can be easily understood.”

The two-day conference will take place November 7th and 8th in Boston, Massachusetts with many learning and collaborating opportunities over the two-day period. The first day features a wide variety of conference sessions focusing on front-end development. The second day provides attendees with the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience through a series of lectures and workshops on topics concerning front-end web development.

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