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Informatics and Computing Offers Hands-on Workshops as Part of Leadership Institute for Latino Youth (LILY)

September 8, 2014

This summer, the School of Informatics and Computing (SoIC) partnered with the Leadership Institute for Latino Youth (LILY), to offer Latino students in 7th -10th grade a unique selection of six hands-on workshops – fun, interactive learning experiences designed as an introduction to the exciting and growing field of informatics and computing.

Media Arts and ScienceThe LILY Program is designed to help middle and high school students gain the skills necessary to be better prepared for college, career, and life and works to do so through math and English enrichment, leadership projects, career and college exploration amongst other initiatives.

The daytime workshops held on the IUPUI campus, provided an opportunity for LILY students, who are interested in technology, to explore creativity and software used in various degree programs offered at the SoIC.

“Our instructors enjoyed working with the students in hopes of sparking their imagination and an interest in technology. This was a great way to introduce informatics and computing to the students, opening the door to new possibilities for them in the growing technology industry,” said Vicki Daugherty, recruiting specialist at the SoIC.

Media Arts and ScienceDuring the workshops, LILY students engaged in immersive, hands-on practice with world-class faculty, and current students in the School of Informatics and Computing, using state-of-the-art equipment covering a variety of interests including graphic design, game creation, 3D modeling, programming, and virtual reality.

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