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Check Out the Spring 2014 Capstone Presentations

April 23, 2014

Its that time of year again. That time when the stresses often associated with final exams and final projects makes its reappearance. But for students at the School of Informatics and Computing, this period during the semester also means something else; Capstone Presentations. Capstone Presentations give students the opportunity to showcase the skills and knowledge they have acquired during their time at the School of Informatics and Computing.

This semester’s Spring Capstone presentations will take place Friday, May 2nd from 4-8pm in the Informatics and Communications Technology Complex (ICTC) on the IUPUI campus.

This event – held at the close of each semester – celebrates and showcases the work of graduating students, displaying the skills and knowledge they have obtained at the School of Informatics and Computing. The capstone project represents the culmination of months and months of intense and diligent preparation and hard work under the guidance and mentoring of a faculty member.

Projects featured for the spring semester Capstone presentations are from the Health Information Administration, Informatics and Media Arts & Science programs and include:

3D Modeling


Application Development

Digital Storytelling

Game Design

Health Information Administration


Interactive Media

Video and Sound Production

Web Development

Please join the School of Informatics and Computing and attend the Capstone event where you will be able to see first hand what the school is all about through the work of students.  You will hear and see presentations about controlling costs in healthcare, analyzing and visualizing different data, a stereoscopic 3D video demonstrating motion graphics, and much more.

The Capstone presentations and program topics are as diverse and varied as our degree programs. Whether you are interested in video production, mobile app development, health data management, or another aspect of informatics and computing, there is bound to be something for you.

Attendance to the 2014 Spring Capstone Presentation is free and open to recruiters, industry professionals, current and prospective students, alumni, faculty, family and friends.


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