C. Thomas Lewis

C. Thomas Lewis, Media Arts and Science Lecturer, Chronicles Battle between Man and Nature in Video Installation Exhibit at Indianapolis Gallery

January 23, 2013

The School of Informatics and Computing’ C. Thomas Lewis, a lecturer in Media Arts and Science, photographer and filmmaker, will be exhibiting his video installation, From Now On, during the month of February at Gallery 924 in Indianapolis.

From Now On is a thought-provoking video-mapping experience studying the struggle of man versus nature and exploring the tensions between nature and industrialization. According to Gallery 924, “Lewis’ depictions of the forces at play in climate change are placed in visually compelling, dynamic relationships that delight the senses as they raise questions regarding the future. From Now On offers hope in the form of a dead tree that appears to come alive with moving imagery and becomes a metaphorical image of human knowledge and beliefs.”

Thomas Lewis TankLewis’ work is uniquely customized to the exhibition space. Unlike static works of art that are more simply installed within a gallery, From Now On evolves and adapts to the specifications and possibilities inherent within the space. It includes a deceased, twelve-foot maple tree that Lewis disassembled, transformed and reconstructed into a visual display surface organically situated within the gallery. The exhibit also includes a three-dimensional moveable wall surface that, through multiple video projections, creates various illusions and images when viewed from all sides.

Gallery 924 is an Indianapolis art gallery and home of the Arts Council of Indianapolis located at 924 North Pennsylvania Street. It provides a mix of exhibits highlighting central Indiana contemporary artists. For more information on the gallery, please visit www.indyarts.org/gallery924.

C. Thomas Lewis

C. Thomas Lewis

C. Thomas Lewis studied at Kent State, the Philadelphia College of Art, and the California Institute of the Arts. He has worked professionally in video and film production in Los Angeles. Since 2001, Lewis has produced DVD bonus material for the Harry Potter films produced by Warner Bros. In 2005, he completed Through Corridors and Factories, a 20-minute video about post-colonialism in Hawaii that screened in festivals around the world. Other works include Got Land, a video about time, space and development in the American west, and his first narrative film, Of Fire and Water. In addition to filmmaking, Thomas is the photo-documentarian for Arcanum Research, an organization dedicated to the research of inexplicable phenomena.

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