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Bioinformatics program director featured in IU e-magazine story about School of Informatics and Computing

March 3, 2009

Yaoqi Zhou, director, Bioinformatics Program, IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI, is among several Bloomington and Indianapolis informatics researchers featured in an online report about the School. The feature appears in the current edition of IU’s e-magazine, Home Pages.

Dr. Zhou’s work is discussed under the sub-heading entitled, Proteins, the work horses of all living things (sometimes they misbehave). Here’s an excerpt:

"Zhou is working to predict the future. Not the weather, nor the stock market, nor the outcome of the NCAA basketball tournament. For Zhou, predicting the future means recognizing the causes of lung cancer, mad cow disease or cystic fibrosis, and then identifying how to create the drug that might prevent, stop or reverse those diseases."

Mathew Palakal, director of the Informatics Research Institute at IUPUI and associate dean of graduate studies and research, is quoted in the article. And, the author makes mention of Frank Tai, who holds a master’s degree in Media Arts and Science from the School, about his work at Pixar Studios.

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Joanne Lovrinic