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Master of Library and Information Science / Master of Arts in History Dual Degree

Interest in public history, genealogy, historic preservation, and archives and museum administration creates a demand for professionals with expertise in both historical research and information management.

The dual MLIS–M.A. in history program requires completion of a minimum of 53 credit hours of graduate course work. Students must apply for admission to the master’s programs of both the Department of Library and Information Science and the Department of History within the first academic year and meet the admission criteria established for each. The two degrees must be awarded simultaneously.

Download a degree checklist.


Students must complete LIS S500 Methods and Tools for the Information Profession. This course is required the first semester for all MLIS

MLIS Requirements

All Master of Library and Information Science courses can be completed online.

Foundation Courses (15 cr.)

Choose one course from each area:

Assist and Educate Users of Libraries and Information Centers

Develop and Manage Library Collections

Organize and Represent Information Resources

Apply Management and Leadership Skills

Conduct and Analyze Research

Library History and Literature (6 cr.)

Information Technologies (9 cr.)

Master of Arts in History Requirements

For the dual degree, a minimum of 23 credit hours is required in the Department of History for the Master of Arts in History, including H547 (Archives).