Passionate about expanding computer science in the classroom?

Indiana high school teachers can get free training through the virtual Summer 2021 Computing by Design (CxD) Teacher Training Program. CxD is a professional development opportunity for instructors eager to teach courses in computer science driven by project-based learning. The popular iDEW program implements the CxD curriculum in teaching computer science at Indiana high schools.

This summer's iDEW online CxD Teacher Training Program is being offered at no cost to participants, thanks to funding made possible by the Indiana Department of Education. These virtual workshops allow you to fit computer science teaching training more easily into your busy summer.

You can customize your workshop pathway to meet your students’ needs, by signing up for one, or a combination of workshops.

Registration for 2021 is closed.

What you need to know

How will the workshops be taught?

For each workshop there are two scheduled online Zoom sessions. A Zoom link will be added as the date for the virtual workshop approaches.

You will have constant access to the online material and access to an online Slack community of instructors and fellow teachers. Each week there will be two one-hour Zoom meetings for guest interviews, questions and sharing workshop progress.


Preference will be given to applicants from schools with no existing computer science program, and individuals who have not participated in professional development in the past. Only teachers currently employed in Indiana public schools and public charter schools are eligible to apply.

Time commitment

All workshops offered online only. For our one- and two-week workshops, you’ll need to commit about two each hours each day. There’s also one special workshop that lasts three full days.

Standalone activities

A repository of computer science activities with an emphasis on K-8 is coming soon! The first 20 activities will be released by July 2021 with regular additions made through summer 2022. A link to the repository coming soon.

Teacher stipends

Teachers will be provided stipends on the following schedule each summer.

  • $250 dollars per participation in a one-week workshop (Programming WS, PBLWorks WS, Cross-Discipline WS)
  • $500 dollars per participation in the two-week Innovation Workshop

The maximum total stipend in a summer workshop series will not exceed $1000 per teacher. In order to receive a stipend for the PBLWorks Workshop the teacher must also participate in at least one other workshop to ensure sufficient coverage of computer science content.

The following are required to receive the stipend for each workshop.

  • Participation in all live online sessions for the given workshop
  • Participation in the online Slack community
  • Complete associated surveys
  • Submission of a final deliverable that demonstrates competency in the workshop content

Workshop Schedule Overview

Six Programming Workshops

June 7-11 (one week)

Choose from Trivia, Chatbot, Robot, Video Game, IoT, and Data Viz programming.

Innovation Workshop

June 14-23 (two weeks)

Prepare for a full computer science experience with projects.

PBLWorks PBL 101 Workshop

June 28-30 (three full days)

All about planning classroom management and assessments for projects.

Six Cross-Discipline Workshops

July 12-16 (one week)

Choose from six short projects that blend computer science into other disciplines.