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Media Arts and Science Master’s Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the M.S. in MAS program, students will:

  1. Evaluate and create media-rich digital applications by researching and applying effective multimedia design, and management and development techniques using text, graphics, web and mobile technologies, two-dimensional and three-dimensional modelling and animation, sound, and video; concept development, prototyping techniques, storyboarding and proof of concepts, multimedia production pipelines, testing and evaluation.
  2. Apply media design, psychological and cognitive principles and theories to the development of digital games for a variety of domains, including entertainment, health and well-being, medical sciences, education and business.
  3. Research and develop omnichannel, interactive media strategies, including digital content and social media architectures, to enhance the communication potential of institutions, business and organizations.
  4. Design and use novel forms and applications of media technologies, including those possible through the use of advanced digital video production techniques and 3D printing.
  5. Apply principles and theories of quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, design research, information visualization, and visual analytics.
  6. Design effective, usable, and human-centered media-rich applications using prototypes and proof of concepts.
  7. Effectively communicate in digital, oral, and written form the processes, ideas, outcomes, and implications of MAS projects.
  8. Articulate decisions and reasoning behind decisions made related to digital media design and production choices.
  9. Exhibit sound judgment, ethical behavior, and professionalism in applying HCI concepts and value-sensitive design to serve stakeholders and society, especially in ethically challenging situations.
  10. Collaborate in teams fairly, effectively, and creatively, applying group decision-making and negotiation skills.