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Registering for supervised research courses

Each semester, before a graduate student registers for a supervised research course (e.g., Independent Studies, Research Rotations, Thesis/Dissertation credits, or other variable credit courses with department’s or instructor’s consent), students must have written permission from the faculty member supervising their coursework. To be able to register, students must email the supervising faculty member (copying the Graduate Program Coordinator, Elizabeth Cassell – with the following information:

  • Student Name
  • University ID Number
  • Course Number
  • Number of Credits
  • Faculty Name (whom you are requesting as the Course Advisor)

If the faculty member decides to supervise the student, s/he must forward this email to Elizabeth Cassell and CC the student confirming the approval of the request. At that point, any advising hold for signing up for the class will be removed, and the student will be able to register for the course.